Day 7: Cooking My Way Back To Life

After a rather bleak day yesterday, today I decided to bounce back to life by cooking. As I may have mentioned in my previous posts (or maybe not) I love cooking so much it makes me feel alive, creative, and useful.

Not only did I cook but also baked some bread. The thing is, I don’t really love baking as much as cooking. I find baking “too exact” and does not give me enough room to make a mistake unlike cooking. Cooking freestyle, as how I call it, gives me all the room I need to experiment, adjust, correct and make the dish still good after all the little mistakes during the process. It’s just the same with baking.

But what the heck! I baked today some wholewheat bread without the yeast, just some baking powder. Turned out bad but still still edible. It just challenged me to do it again and make it better.

Anyway, today I had company so I wasn’t really that lonely. Cooked for two.

I made some clam soup, more of a broth actually with just some ginger, onion, salt and pepper. Then I had a little bit of Korean-style samgyupsal, grilled some thin bacon slices and served them with fresh, organic lettuce, ssamjang, sesame oil with salt & pepper, and some cucumber slices drizzled in organic apple cider vinegar.

This is a quick, mini-version of my very own samgyupsal spread. You should see my elaborate version! There are days I would prepare a lot more banchan (Korean side dishes), the works.

Here are the metrics today:

June 13, 2017

Goal: 1200 calories

-Food: 1230 calories

+Exercise: 41 calories

=Remaining: 11 calories

The exercise was mainly due to a 15-minute light cleaning. I think I mentioned I didn’t clean the apartment yesterday. This is me making up for it.

Breakfast: coffee

Morning Snack: Sweet Potato Fries with Flaxseeds & Cinnamon

Lunch: Brown rice, luncheon meat

Afternoon Snack: Toasted bread, topped with Earth Balance Organic Butter Spread (Organic Whipped) and quickmelt cheese + coffee

Dinner: Brown rice, clam soup, leftover veggies + a few pieces of samgyupsal

Water: 2250ml

Had to control my appetite for meat! God, I am such a meat lover I can finish an entire pack of bacon in one sitting. But gone are those days. This is the new me 🙂 I’m more deliberate in my eating and that’s gonna help me improve my health. I think it had to do with age! In my 20s and even 30s, I was the ultimate carnivore. I think I still am but it’s taken a back seat.

I’m not giving up on meat but moderation is the key.

Today marks 1 week on this blog. If you happen to stumble upon this page for whatever reason, I hope you get something out of it. While this blog primarily serves myself as I document my journey to weight loss, I wouldn’t  mind if it ends up doing good stuff to other readers.

Til the next post.



Day 5: Unleashing The Chef Inside Me

Today I added some new items just to liven things up, though it really ain’t that easy to plan and execute a menu that’s both nutritious and delicious. With my weight loss project, I want to present my palate varied choices so it won’t be bored.

Cooking is one of the my favorite things to do, for it allows me to create and experiment. And I get to eat what I cooked. I get a high when I prepare something that I sincerely believe tastes good! And I feel more challenged whenever a dish turns out a disaster somehow. Like when it’s too salty, or overcooked, or lacks flavor.

Anyway, here’s what the chef in me prepared today:

Breakfast: coffee, mackerel in natural oil, with turmeric

Lunch: Brown rice, kimchi jiggae (with chicken & soft tofu)

Afternoon snack: Baked sweet potato fries (with Bob’s Red Mill’s Golden Flaxseed, cinnamon, and Madhava Organic Golden Light Blue Agave)

Dinner: Brown rice, Stir-fried Chicken Breast (with ginger, oyster sauce, carrots and peas)

Water: 2750ml (!)

Wow! Did I really drink this much water today?

I almost went beyond my target today if it were not for the few steps I made, a measly 1,034 steps = 10 calories!

My mind wanders right now, thinking when I can use the bike that’s been kept in the trunk of my car for quite some time now. Ugh! Why can’t I have the discipline to just wake up earlier than usual on a weekend and go biking?! Need some motivation here. Or I need something else that will make me want to wake up earlier.

For now, I’m focusing on modifying my diet. But for this weight loss project to succeed, exercise is essential. Activities! Getting my butt off this writing chair! Just any activity that allows me to MOVE.

Here are the stats for today:

Jun 11, 2017

Goal: 1200 calories

-Food: 1,201 calories

+Exercise: 10 calories

=Remaining: 9 calories

I did go a little overboard with carbs, sugar and sodium. Sigh, this is so tricky! It’s challenging to balance the right amount of calories + the right nutrients!

Well, for one, I do need to lessen the sweeteners I use even if they are organic and light. Maybe just half a teaspoon less? I will not die with a little less sugar, will I? Sugar is pinpointed a major enemy when it comes to weight loss, so yeah, gotta consume less of it.

Haven’t had soda for this week, and I’m keeping it that way for now. I don’t wanna say “for life.” Not yet.