Day 22: It’s Officially Shrimp Season!

After learning about the good news that cooking is an exercise I can consider in MyFitnessPal app, I now consider it as part of my regular activities.

Here’s my stats for today:

June 28, 2017

Goal: 1200 calories

-Food: 1258 calories

+Exercise: 57 calories

=Remaining: 0 calories

At this rate, it will take some time for me to lose significant weight. If I really want lose the 20 pounds I initially targeted, I NEED to move some more. Beyond cooking and cleaning the apartment.

For now, I consider this an achievement to stay in my allowed calorie-zone (1000-1200 calories per day). I feel I have enough energy to go through my day, so that’s fine.

Some may argue that calorie counting is not exactly the best weight loss plan out there. Well, maybe they’re right. But my goal, aside from to lose weight, is also to know what I am eating, and what nourishment it gives my body.

Using the app allows me to determine the nutritional content of what I eat, and I think that’s a good start. Having a high LDL cholesterol count is something I want to address, so it’s a must that I track the fat content of what I eat.

Anyway, here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: coffee, gluten-free cornmeal muffin

Lunch: Brown rice, leftover Sinigang na Hipon

Afternoon Snack: coffee, gluten-free cornmeal muffin (I still have some in the fridge, help me finish this!)

Dinner: Brown rice, spicy prawn kimchi stew with tofu

Midnight Snack: roasted almonds

Water: 1000ml

Hmmm, I notice I’ve been drinking less water. Gotta aim higher to drink 2000ml a day!

What else? Today I had too much carbs, thanks to the 2 cornmeal muffins I ate today. Plus my usual brown rice. Total carbs today was 18g beyond my target of 157g, or approximately 52% of my entire meal. Was that too much?

Anyway, I also went beyond my protein target. Consumed 70g in total, my target being 63g. My protein sources today were the shrimps and tofu.

I’m using a lot of shrimps these days in my cooking because I have a lot of them in my freezer! Somebody gave them to me, which is perfect since I love shrimps -I can really overeat I don’t control myself.

According to, shrimps are low in calories, and also high in cholesterol. They are very low in saturated fats, and doesn’t contain trans fat, unless it’s been fried or cooked in a way that adds trans fat. With that, I limit the portion and make sure I only use olive oil when I cook my shrimps, either boiled or sauteed but never fried.

Watch out tomorrow for my next post, and expect to see more shrimps in my diet.

Bye for now, it’s time for me to prepare my lunch.


Day 16: The Meatlover is Having a No-Meat Day

I’m getting the hang of this. I don’t feel hungry. I feel I have enough energy to go through my day, my pretty much sedentary lifestyle.

I don’t feel deprived, I feel happy, and I am determined to make this project successful.

Compared to yesterday, I ate more than the minimum 1000 calories. This time I went beyond and didn’t have enough exercise to balance it out.

June 22, 2017

Goal: 1200 calories

-Food: 1231 calories

+Exercise: 41 calories

=Remaining: -80 calories

Macros-wise, I had 52% carbs, 29% fat and 19% protein. Not bad.

I also had more than usual salt today (consumed 1,436 mg of sodium, and I know this could still be lowered), and achieved 503% and 126% of my vitamin A and C requirements, respectively.

Here’s the whole gang that partied in my belly today:

Breakfast: coffee, fresh strawberries

Lunch: Brown rice, Spanish-style sardines

Afternoon Snack: Roasted almonds, 1 medium piece of boiled sweet potato

Dinner: Brown rice, Vegetarian Kare-Kare

Water: 1500ml

I can’t believe I had a no-meat Kare Kare today! This is one of my Filipino dish faves, and it MUST have meat whether it’s ox tripe or tail or hocks. Kare Kare is a meat and vegetable stew in peanut sauce. It’s typically bright orange-colored because of the annatto, the pigment coming from achiote seeds steeped in oil.

Frankly, I was having a bit of hallucination or some sort of FOMO when I was serving the no-meat Kare Kare. I was imagining the glistening and soft fat from the beef hocks within the stew, but it just wasn’t there. Rather, I had a combination of veggies: banana heart, eggplant and pechay.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved and enjoyed the dish. There was no meat, but I think it was just as yummy. I’m not depriving myself of meat -it’s just that today was one of those days. No-Meat JUST happened.

Day 13: Exploring New Orleans Cooking

The other day I bought some fresh okra from the supermarket with no specific menu in mind.

Today I decided to make some gumbo.

Gumbo is a stew that originated in New Orleans, that is a meal in itself with all the ingredients. For my version, I used a combination of sausages and chicken for the protein, and had some carrots, onions and okra for the veggies. To add flavor, I used bay leaves, basil, ground cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

The great dish of New Orleans, and which it claims having the honor of invented, is the GUMBO. There is no dish which at the same time so tickles the palate, satisfies the appetite, furnished the body with nutriment sufficient to carry on the physical requirements, and costs so little as a Creole Gumbo. It is a dinner in itself, being soup, piece de résistance, entremet and vegetable in one. Healthy, and not heating to the stomach and easy of digestion, it should grace every table.” – William H. Coleman, ‘Historical Sketch Book and Guide to New Orleans and Environs’ (1985)

Gumbo is quite filling, and really goes well with rice. It was so good I felt I’d go beyond my calorie limit today but I didn’t.

Here’s my score card for today:

June 19, 2017

Goal: 1200 calories

-Food: 1330 calories

+Exercise: 147 calories

=Remaining: 17 calories

As you can see, it’s possible to enjoy the food you love, get the right nutrients, and feel no guilt after eating. It takes some effort, but it’s worth it.

I’ll say it again: it’s worth it.

Breakfast: coffee, banana

Morning Snack: almonds, 20 pieces

Lunch: Brown rice, Gumbo

Dinner: Brown rice, Century Tuna Lite Flakes in Veg Oil 

Midnight Snack: A few spoonfuls of white rice, Spam, and sunny-side up egg + Peckish Rice Crisps Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Water: 1500ml

Let me explain the midnight snack part.

That meal transpired while in transit. I was onboard a bus for a 4-hour trip up North with my sister who couldn’t finish her packed dinner. That explained the few spoonfuls that was left — I hate having leftovers so I ate them 🙂

It was my first time to try this snack (Peckish Rice Crisps) and I liked them. They’re zero trans-fat, gluten-free and baked/not fried.

So yeah, chips are still part of my diet. Occasionally.

Moderation is key.