Day 3: Dance Myself Thin

I kept my promise to myself to dance on Day 3, earning additional calories so I could eat a little bit more. Yesterday I shared with you I’d be doing the afro-latin dance workout by dance instructor Marie Forleo.  I really, really enjoyed it! It was an easy-to-follow, fun workout,  and it helped that I “know” Marie Forleo. Meaning, I watch her online show MarieTV and consume her content on personal development.

Add to that my steps for the day, and I got these figures:

June 9, 2017

Dance Workout, 30 minutes: 157 calories

Number of steps: 968 steps

Recommended steps: 10,000

This is waaaaay far from my the goal, but it’s progress. Reminding myself right now that I strive for progress, not perfection.

Which leads me to almonds. Yes, almonds.

How Much is Too Much

We know these nuts are kinda popular when it comes to weight loss, as some sites like would suggest to eat almonds to lose weight. And so I did snack on them while watching some K-Drama online.

God, I must have eaten 3 handfuls!

That’s way beyond the serving size of 1 ounce, I suppose. So I thought I need a strategy for this: the next time I eat almonds, I’m gonna pre-count/pre-portion them.

One ounce of almonds is around 22-23 whole kernels. Since I love rounding up/down figures, I’ll consider this as 20 whole almonds for a serving.

So with that, plus my other meals for today:

June 9, 2017

Goal: 1200 calories

-Food: 1304 calories

+Exercise: 157 calories

=Remaining 53 calories

Going Into Mediterranean Diet

With the food that I’ve been eating, it feels sorta like I’m going into a Mediterranean diet. Here’s what I had today:

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: Linguine with sardines in tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon

Afternoon Snack: coffee, a handful of walnuts

Dinner: More linguine (this time with pimento-stuffed green olives, basil and black pepper), some eggplant made two ways: grilled and omelet

Additional Snack: lots of almonds

Water:  2000 ml

Looking at the “menu” above, it’s a sign I need to plan and prepare my meals better if I want to survive the coming weeks and months. Please, I don’t wanna die of boredom from all this linguine!

Wait, how about the weighing scale?

The store I went to is selling one last piece of a digital weighing scale. I didn’t like both the design and the price tag so I am postponing the purchase. Tomorrow, I’ll check out another store. Or maybe I can order online instead.

Meanwhile, I’m at this state where I am happy for making progress in my food choices (so far so junk food for the last 3 days, no soda, no sugary iced teas) but still clueless as to how I really weigh.

I swear I’m getting my own scale very soon!


Day 2: How a Bank Glitch Got Me Moving

Today, I applied the “technique” to trick my app myfitnesspal to “allow” me to eat a little bit more: I exercised.

But guess what? I didn’t do it on purpose. Well, at least initially.

Here’s my simple Bank Glitch Story

If it were not for that bank fiasco that happened today, I would have stayed in the comforts of my apartment and watched more YouTube videos of Dr. Axe. But because the entire bank system was down due to a “technical glitch” (they swore they were NOT hacked!), I was forced to get my butt off my seat and go to a physical, brick-and-mortar bank. Yes, I real bank! They do exist, you know!

Since the bank was just 1.5 km from my apartment, I had this brilliant idea to just walk going home. I was wearing my sneakers anyway, so it wouldn’t really be that hard.

June 8, 2017

Number of steps: 4,641

Recommended steps: 10,000

I know I barely made half of the required 10,000 steps, but who cares?! For me, it was a feat that made ME happy! This little trick translated to an extra 53 calories for me. Woohoo!!!

So for today, these are my metrics:

June 8, 2017

Goal: 1200 calories

-Food: 1248 calories

+Exercise: 53 calories

=Remaining: 5 calories

If it were not for the brisk walking I forced myself to do, I wouldn’t have enjoyed a little more of that linguine pasta for dinner.

Since I’m documenting even the food I eat, lemme share what I had today:

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: 1 cup of cooked brown rice + sardines in tomato sauce

Afternoon Snack: coffee + 1 cup of sweet potato

Dinner: linguine pasta with some garlic, pimento-stuffed green olives, capers, lite tuna, and extra virgin olive oil

Water: 1500 ml

What’s Next

Tomorrow, I’ll do another form of activity just to keep it varied. Perhaps dance? There’s an old afro-latin dance workout that I’ve bookmarked in YouTube (it features a younger Marie Forleo) and I did enjoy the sweat out of that workout.

You should check it out. It’s entitled Dance Yourself Thin.

And a note to myself: buy a weighing scale.